Lexington author Randi Lynn Mrvos is the editor of Kid’s Imagination Train, on online publication dedicated to promoting writers and encouraging children to read and to learn. She has a Bachelor of Health Science degree in Medical Technology and worked at the University of Kentucky Medical Center for over twenty years.  When she retired, she began writing stories for children.  More than 30 of her picture book manuscripts have won awards.  Her debut book Maggie and the Summer Vacation Show-and-Tell has received awards from Writer's Digest, the Alabama Writer's Conclave, and the Tennessee Mountain Writers.

Randi also writes articles and stories for children’s magazines and adult publications.  Her work has been published in The Christian Science Monitor and Mothering as well as Highlights for Children, Appleseeds, and Fun for Kidz.  

Elementary School Day Visit 

Warm-up questions:  Students will talk about their favorite books and why they like these books.  

Pre-discussion questions:   Students will discuss the cover of the book and predict what's going to happen in the book.  

Reading Maggie:  Students will have the opportunity to next to Mrvos to listen to the book.  

Post-discussion questions:  Students will discuss Maggie's feelings, solving problems, and caring for a pet.  

Learning activity:  Students will learn how to write a list poem or an acrostic poem about their favorite pet or a summer vacation. 

Mystery Sack Game:  Students will identify items that are present in the story.  

Wild vs. Tame:  Students will identify animals that are either wild or tame.


How to Reach Me

For local elementary classroom visits, contact Randi: