Randi's last name is pronounced Mer-vus.

It rhymes with nervous.

In Mrvos' book

 Maggie and the Summer Vacation

Show-and-Tell, Maggie's dog Trooper

is modeled after a dog named Charlie. 

Charlie was rescued by friends of Randi

and he lived in Lexington, Kentucky,

Randi's hometown.

       As a child Randi never owned a   

    pet.  Many years later, she and her    

    family adopted a cat they named

 Ozzie Osmand Stephan da Gato.  


    Randi loves to travel, read, take ballet,

and study French. 

Randi has two blogs:     

    Children's Writer's World and

The Maggie Project  ​ 


 And did you know...

About Randi Lynn



  • she and other fans bleed blue (the colors for UK are blue and white)
  • basketball is not just a sport, it's a religion
  • bluegrass is the state's nickname because in spring, the grass looks bluish (if you squint your eyes) 
  • ​a hot brown is an open face sandwich with bacon, turkey and cheese or another word for a heart attack 
  • burgoo is a meat stew
  • Louisville is pronounced loovull
  • ​we say y'all not you all
  • ​nearly everyone watches the Kentucky Derby  






Randi Lynn Mrvos was the founder and editor of Kid's  Imagination Train ezine, a former consultant for Pearson  Digital Learning, and the former nonfiction editor of Stories for Children MagazineShe is the editorial consultant at RLM Editorial. ​​​​ Mrvos has published nearly 100 stories and articles in children's magazines.  She has won over thirty awards for her picture book stories.  Her first book is titled Maggie and the Summer Vacation Show-and-Tell .  Mrvos is pleased to announce that her next book, Tajo Speaks Out  will be published in 2020 by Baxter's Corner.