About Randi Lynn 

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 And did you know...



  • she and other fans bleed blue (the colors for UK are blue and white)
  • basketball is not just a sport, it's a religion
  • bluegrass is the state's nickname because in spring, the grass looks bluish (if you squint your eyes) 
  • ​a hot brown is an open face sandwich with bacon, turkey and cheese or another word for a heart attack 
  • burgoo is a meat stew
  • Louisville is pronounced loovull
  • ​we say y'all, not you all
  • ​nearly everyone watches the Kentucky Derby  

​​​​​Randi Lynn Mrvos is the founder of Kid's Imagination Train ezine, a former consultant for Pearson Digital Learning, the former nonfiction editor of Stories for Children Magazine, and the author of Maggie and the Summer Vacation Show-and-Tell.  She is the editorial consultant at RLM Editorial. ​​​​ Mrvos has published nearly 100 stories and articles in children's magazines.  She has won over thirty awards for her picture book stories.   ​



 Randi's last name is pronounced Mer-vus.

It rhymes with nervous.

In Mrvos' book

 Maggie and the Summer Vacation

Show-and-Tell, Maggie's dog Trooper

is modeled after a dog named Charlie. 

Charlie was rescued by friends of Randi

and he lived in Lexington, Kentucky,

Randi's hometown.

       As a child Randi never owned a   

    pet.  Many years later, she and her    

    family adopted a cat they named

 Ozzie Osmand Stephan da Gato.  


    Randi loves to travel, read, take ballet,

and study French. 

Randi has two blogs:     

    Children's Writer's World and

The Maggie Project  ​

Her favorite blog is The Everywhereist: