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​ Packages: 
Rates include 0.06% Kentucky tax. 

  Query Letter: formatting, personalizing, and pitching advice to an agent.  ​​​​$22 

  Picture book/Chapter book tips:  help in shaping your work by developing character and plot.  $32.00

  Picture book critique:  overall impressions of the work with suggestions for word flow.  Some minor editing 

  is included.  $42.00

  Chapter book critique:  overall impressions of each chapter with suggestions on pacing and tension.  $65.00  

  Editing:  detailed comments on content and line editing manuscript notes as well as advice on making the       

  manuscript marketable.  This fee may vary, depending on the length of the manuscript. $100.00

  Consulting: a manuscript critique and help with a query letter, publisher or agent advice, resources, and comments     
on where a manuscript fits in the market.  $135  

  Contact:  Rlrmrvos@gmail.com

  Please send a short cover letter and include: 

  • A description of the main character (MC)
  • The main character's want
  • The obstacle(s) that get in the way of the want
  • What's at stake. What happens if the MC fails 
  • The theme of the story

​  Payment:  Click on the PayPal button or send a check made out to and addressed to Randi Lynn Mrvos, 4637 Spring Creek Drive, Lexington,      KY  40515.




Randi's expertise has helped me tremendously in my writing journey. 

M.E.Annese, teacher, writer 

Randi Mrvos is the very best at the craft of writing! She has inspired, motivated and taught me to write and edit my stories to reach success in publishing. 

 G. Smith, teacher, writer and councilman

 Randi has been a tremendous mentor to me.

—  R. Montana, retired teacher, writer, and promotion manager of Kid's Imagination Train e-zine

 Randi is a remarkable editor. Her experience helped me make revisions enjoyable. 

—  L. Fleming, retired teacher and writer

 I have worked professionally with Randi Lynn Mrvos for about the past seven years as a writing colleague.  As editor of Kid's Imagination Train ezine, she gave me supportive and expert guidance on my writing projects.

— S. Blumberg, retired school teacher, writer and voiceover artist

Randi is an excellent editor. Her editorial skills have helped me achieve success on many writing projects

 —G. Belleranti, author and retired school librarian

 From publishing two stories in Kid's Imagination Train ezine, I've been listed in the SCBWI's PAL listing (Published and Listed).  Every bit of publishing helps, thanks to the editor, Randi Lynn Mrvos

— P. Wentling, writer and poet

 Direct, gently delivered feedback targeted to your specific writing, from a vast storehouse of knowledge. 

— A. Amit, author and book reviewer

 Randi's efficient and astute editing has been a valuable service to me in the improvement of my writing skills.

J. Cornebise, teacher, writer, illustrator

​ Randi Lynn Mrvos has helped me to focus on my writing by giving me useful feedback and suggestions. Her attention to detail has helped to elevate the quality of my poems and stories.  

T. Lugo, writer 

RLM Editorial

RLM Editorial 

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