I reviewed this book for my website and I really loved it! It teaches kids what's really important in life--and that quite often comes in the package of four furry paws! ~ Jen Isbell, Pet Friends Magazine

Maggie and the  Show-and-Tell is a delightful book with charming illustrations! Children will easily identify with Maggie's problem and how she works to find a solution. I especially liked the discussion guide in the book and enjoyed the page that provided the inspiration behind the story. I plan on purchasing more of these books for gifts. ~ Dr. Kim Dixon

I just read this, from an adult's point of view, as my child is grown, but wow, it touches on so many topics that are so relevant for kids. The first one that struck me is fitting in. Maggie wants to fit in, and while other kids are excited to share something, she has that first impulse to compete or so it seems. Then in a family discussion, that shows us how important family time is, she is reminded of what is important, not only to her, but in life. She has something to share that is from the heart. Even at this point in the book, good life lessons are touched upon. Peer pressure, competition, talking to your family, having support from your family, and knowing in your heart that you want to share something that made you feel good, with others. The book has great characters, role models, and truth. The pictures add to the words perfectly and you want to spend time really looking at them, rather than rushing to finishing reading. There is also of course a great lesson on the rewards of animal rescue to use to educate a child. I recommend this book for any child who would enjoy a picture book with a heart warming story. ~ S. Katzenmaier, columnist for the Lexington Herald Leader 

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Maggie and the Summer Vacation Show-and-Tell is the recipient of prizes from Writer's Digest, The Alabama Writers' Conclave, and the Tennessee Mountain Writers. 

It's the first day of school and Maggie is in tears—she has nothing to bring for show-and-tell.  Or so she thinks. Entertaining and educational, this heart-warming story can be used to teach kids about values, sharing and peer pressure.