Maggie and the Summer Vacation Show-and-Tell is a thoughtful, uniquely illustrated narrative about having empathy for other living creatures and sacrificing plans to help those in need, undercurrent with the importance of rescuing animals and a lesson in not comparing yourself with others. Kentucky Monthly

​I reviewed this book for my website and I really loved it! It teaches kids what's really important in life - and that quite often comes in the package of four furry paws!
Pet Friends Magazine, Jen Isbell

This book is sweet.  It shows real-life dilemma for a child: should she lie and say she did something wonderful or share the truth. Moms Radius Book Reviewer

This charming story helps kids to understand the importance of empathy and unconditional love.  My kids delighted in reading this book and getting to know the furry friend at the heart of the story.  ​

Magnolias and Manuscripts, Jennifer Prevost

Very successfully the author weaves a story of love and caring, of giving up and receiving. Maggie’s family chooses to forgo the vacation to rescue a dog lying by the roadside. Every choice has a consequence. So much to learn from such a simple story. Young 4-8 years old will enjoy the tale, their parents will talk of problem-solving, compassion, care for animals.  Book Reviews Galore  

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Maggie has earned awards from Writer's Digest, The Alabama Writer's Conclave and The Tennessee Mountain Writers.


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