​​​Randi was born in Louisville, Kentucky, home of the Louisville Slugger. Though she liked to write, her parents steered her toward the medical field.  Randi earned her degree in medical technology and worked at the University of Kentucky in the clinical chemistry laboratory for over twenty years.  In 1995, her daughter Abigail was born.  When Abby was a baby, Randi and her husband Jim read picture books to her every night at bedtime.  Whether lyrical or funny, those beautifully illustrated stories stirred Randi's long buried passion for writing. Randi lives in Lexington with her husband and cat Ozzie. 

​​​​​​​​​​​Randi Lynn Mrvos​​​​​

      Kentucky author Randi Lynn Mrvos invites you to sit a spell, take your shoes off, read, laugh, and get inspired.​​



​ Randi Lynn Mrvos is the editor of Kid’s Imagination Train ezine, a former   consultant to Pearson Digital Learning, and the former nonfiction editor
 of Stories for Children Magazine.  

 Her work has appeared in Know, Appleseeds, Nature Friend, and   Highlights for Children as well as in Mothering magazine and The   Christian Science Monitor.  

 Randi is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and   Illustrators.  She has earned over thirty awards for her picture book   manuscripts and has taught writing classes at the Carnegie Center for   Literacy and Learning in Lexington, KY. ​​​​ Her first book, Maggie and the   Summer Vacation Show-and-Tell was published by Cactus Moon   Publishing.  Tajo Speaks Out will be published in 2020 by Baxter's Corner.

    ​​​Did you know...?

​     Randi's last name is pronounced

     Mer-vus.  It rhymes with nervous.

    In Mrvos' book

Maggie and the Summer Vacation

Show-and-Tell, Maggie's dog Trooper

is modeled after a dog named Charlie. 

Charlie was rescued by friends of Randi

and he lived in Lexington, Kentucky,

Randi's hometown.

    Randi took ballet lessons and horseback  

    riding classes when she was young.  

She takes ballet every week 

and rides horses

whenever she gets a chance.

    As a child Randi never owned a  

    pet.  Many years later, she and her    

    family adopted a cat they named

 Ozzie Osmand Stephan da Gato.  


    Randi loves to learn French.  She's

    been taking classes for five years

    and has visited France twice.  


    Randi has two blogs:     

    Children's Writer's World and

The Maggie Project  ​